*** NEW ALBUM...'CUA-CINCO'!!! *** 

Hello there friends,

We're baaaaaaaacccckkk and we have a NEW ALBUM we want to share with you! It's called 'Cua-Cinco' and we can't wait for you to listen to it, even tell us what you think!

First off we want to say a very big and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who showed up for our last show at Deep South and helped us pack that place out! We had a F*%king blast and hope you did too! It went by so fast for us it was almost a blur, but we are very thankful for all that came and rocked it one last time with us! Also big thanks to The Pseudo Cowboys and to Cosmic Superheroes, for sharing the stage and kicking ass so hard! 

Now I bet you're thinking.... "Cua-Cinco, what the hell is that?" lol! Well you would be right if you said that is not a word in any language. Yes, we made it up. When we were thinking of names for the next album and getting ready for Alex's move to Dallas, we reflected a lot on our overall body of work and what we have done during the 6 (almost 7 now) years of this band. It's been a crazy, fun, educational, up & down, emotional at times, and even funny ride for us, but we wouldn't have done it any other way......well it might have been cool to sell a million records and tour the world playing our music for everyone.....but hey, we are very grateful for what we have been able to do up to this point! So THANK YOU to everyone still reading these posts and emails for supporting us and sticking with us through thick and thin!  Now back to the album name, sorry the ADD kicks in sometimes ;). Anyways, this is technically our 5th release, but since we re-released "Above the Garage" and made it into "Above the Garage 2.0" with a few more songs and some new mixing, we felt that it was kind of a 4th/5th release. So, sticking with that idea we were trying to figure a way out to reflect that idea. One night while recording and mixing we had a few beers (well, Shane had a few glasses of wine) and it just came to us! CUA-CINCO! Yes it's silly and maybe not the best name but hey that's who we are and we wanted to be ourselves. That's what this album is all about. We've been through so much together as a band for the last 6 years, and as friends for 27, that this album really reflects who we truly are in both aspects. It is by far our favorite release that we have put out to date.

So without any further adieu, we are very proud and excited to present to you our NEW ALBUM......'CUA-CINCO'!!!

Thanks for listening and let us know what you think!

Always and truly yours,

- Alex & Shane -

P.S. Special thanks to our good friends David "The Money Man" Dollar for laying down killer guitar on "White Flag" and to Mr.Tom Miller of Tritone Mobile Recording for doing such a great job of Mastering this album for us! Thanks guys and CHEERS!


*** NEW ALBUM ***

Cua cinco colo

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